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fish playing in bubbles pen and ink by Adam Bell 2022

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Forever compelled to fill blank spaces, I create custom art and unique portraits with my distinct figurative style. My subject matter starts with the living form, sometimes familiar, though, often foreign and only available to me after having travelled an impossible distance.


I work mostly in acrylic with a healthy dose of spray paint, paint markers and other various items I find interesting.

I offer original paintings and high quality fine art prints for sale, all produced locally here on Long Island. My images and designs are also available on shirts, hoodies and other apparel and household items. For details please visit my store.

I offer additional services in illustration and design such as for book publications, event posters and story boards with photoshop functionality.


I also offer, and for no cost, endless chats about art history, art styles, artists, art galleries, art classes and other such mundane prattle. 


I am thrilled to introduce you to my art through this site and I invite you to contact me with questions. Whether planning your next creative project, searching for art to fill the walls of your office, the pages of your book or looking to add a special piece to your collection, I would be honored to speak with you.

Thank you for your interest in my art! I hope you will please send me a note and leave me an email address for regular updates.


Talk soon!


adam bell artist

All inquiries, special requests, funny memes, rewards, complaints, tips for good fishing spots, or art-related mumbo jumbo  can be emailed to me directly at:

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